The Asexual Christian Woman


By Guest Blogger Claudia C (Harleyq2)

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The Asexual Christian Woman

eve apple

[“Eve & Apple” | Image from DesktopNexus (Artist: Chris Ortega)]

Sex and religion are like oil and water. No matter how hard one attempts to seamlessly blend the two, it just does not want to commingle. This is the curious case of the separation of sexuality and religion but more specifically Christian women’s sexuality and religion.

“[T]hy lips are like a thread of scarlet…. They neck is like the tower of David…. Thy two breasts are like two young roes (fawns)…thou has ravished my heart with one of thine eyes….”

The Song of Solomon 4:4-9.

The only place in the Bible that truly celebrates a woman’s sexuality is the Song of Solomon and at times it is a bewilderment how that those sensuous writings were allowed in the Holy Book. One can just image a great debate between the religious men of that era about the importance and decency of such language and imagery in the Bible. It is the language of love, admiration, and dear one say sexual desire that describe God’s creation-the woman. Since Eve’s apple biting indiscretion in the Garden of Eden, her God-given anatomy and physiology has become a thing of disdain, at least in public, while being lusted after in private. Centuries of sexual debauchery have been the open secret of many religious men who proudly and publicly supported the desexualization, vilification, and condemnation of the mere essence of womanhood. However, this God created ‘evil’ was only evil until these religious God-fearing men woke up with an erected itch to scratch. Oh, the irony of double standard.

Even though it has been ages since the scarlet letter, the tide for Christian women has stayed the same. It is appropriate to expect that those professing Christianity or those having other conservative religious beliefs would expect some decency from their members; however, the issue is beyond the normal expectations but an unwavering sense that Christian women should be asexual until needed. The hypocrites who attempt to rule female sexuality are usually the biggest perpetrators of defiling or misusing women in the privacy of the marital and extramarital bed. The Popes of old were known to have whores and lovers. Some religious Middle Eastern men are known to take multiple young wives; some communities have gone as far as to deform women by cutting away their ‘evil parts’ until it is time for her husband to take his pleasure. The pastors are falling from grace with some form of adultery. The most egregious is now to equate a women using birth control (no distinction if she is married or single) as whores.


[Image from senses stand still]

Women in all their glory were created good; actually very good. However, due to religious fear or should one say religious men’s fear that they are not able to control their own desires, they therefore project their guilt and insecurities on the fairer sex whom God created as ‘very good.’ Christian women have the right to be as sexual as their Christian husbands. They have the right to enjoy the same feelings and desires as the heads of the household. They have a right to enjoy their own sexuality and freely share it with their husbands without the fear of the wrath of God or a bunch of very horny men. The thing is sex and religion can blend and it can be done quite well. This only happens when a very secure Christian man and woman decides to become “one flesh” (Gen 2: 24).

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Author Bio:

Claudia C (Harleyq2) is a 30-something Christian woman, who has always had questions about God, Christianity and more recently singlehood. She has always enjoyed writing and finds blogging to be a great way to share her unedited and sometimes non-mainstream views from a Christian single point of view. She blogs at

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Thanks for sharing your views, Claudia :)!

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— Jess C Scott / jessINK


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