Author Interview, Mysti Parker

Author Interview #44, with fantasy romance novelist and choco-holic, Mysti Parker!

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Hi Mysti! Please describe yourself in 5 words:

Wife, mother, writer, reader, choco-holic.

Please share a short excerpt and blurb of your work (10-100 words):


Serenya’s Song (Tallenmere, Book Two)

Jayden Ravenwing, a heartbroken wood-elf secret agent, has finally met his perfect match in Serenya, a beautiful half-elf married to the cruel Earl of Summerwind. But, an ancient evil may destroy any chance they have at love and all of Tallenmere unless Jayden can find a way to stop it.

Excerpt from Chapter 21:


I’m hunting something in the pitch black forest. Thick fog flows along the ground like a river of clouds and shrouds its dark outline. I mirror its movements, slinking along the wet detritus. It stops. The bowstring buzzes against my fingers, eager to release its energy. A gust of wind clears the fog. I fire. The figure turns. Serenya’s pale blue eyes flare, then fade into nothing.

Share an excerpt of your favorite author’s work (10-100 words):

I really don’t have a single favorite, but one of the best books I read recently was Domingo’s Angel, by Jenny Twist. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter 1:

The angel came forward into the shadow of the algarrobo tree and he realised that the halo was, in fact, hair — very long hair — falling in waves down beyond her shoulders and almost to her waist. It was exactly the colour of oranges that have dried on the tree. Her skin was so white it was almost blue and her eyes were so pale they had no colour at all. “How could they think she was a dead person?” he thought in a confused fashion. “She is obviously an angel.”

Comment on the writing versus publication process, in your experience:

Writing is the art — the blood, sweat, tears, and emotion, unique to each author, spilling out onto the pages. Some days the words flow. Some days, they don’t. But in the end, you have created your own special work and can be proud of your accomplishment.

The publication process, and even more so marketing, in my experience, is the grunge work. That’s when writing starts to feel like a job. Just like writing, it’s not all bad, but you’re dependent on others now to validate your work with either accepting it or buying it. Unless you’re patient and persistent, it’ll flounder. It’s rather like raising a child and sending him or her out into the world. If you do it right, chances are he or she will succeed.

Great analogy ;)! What is your definition of “good writing”?

I know what good writing isn’t. It isn’t over-writing. It isn’t overly simplistic, either. It’s writing that flows so well, I don’t see the words anymore. I only see the story, and the author is pretty much invisible. He or she has simply become a vessel for the personalities and settings that come alive on the page.

Please share your #1 tip for writers:

Please don’t write in a vacuum. Get critique partners, or at least a good editor. I’ve read a few submissions for a publisher before, and it amazes me how many people send in what looks like first draft material.

Yes, tight editing gives the final touch. Please let us know your websites/blogs/etc:

My blog: Unwritten
Twitter: @MystiParker
Facebook Page
A Ranger’s Tale
Serenya’s Song
Goodreads Page

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wood elf

Much thanks to Mysti for stopping by. Check out Mysti’s blog, Unwritten, for excerpts/reviews/interviews, and more info about A Ranger’s Tale, the first in a series from the fantasy world of Tallenmere!

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