Blurb Request, Piety (Dragon Poetry)


Hi all,

I’m currently seeking a few blurbs/short reviews for Piety, a dragon-themed mini poetry collection.


* More Info + PDF Download @

If you could provide a short 2-3 line blurb/review for Piety, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I’d be happy to link back to your blog/website with the blurb from the product page on jessINK. I intend to use some blurbs on the promo copy for a future dragon-themed short story collection. Cross-promotion available via Q&A and/or guest post contributions too.

I *could* post a quick ad on the sidebar of, though it’ll be a bit troublesome because I have different HTML templates per section of the website. I’ll probably update the sidebar once I finally have a dragon-themed anthology + novel ready (June 2012 onwards).

Thanks for reading!


P.S. Currently formatting Teen Guide, co-authored with Matt Posner. We’re looking forward to publishing that one.


2 thoughts on “Blurb Request, Piety (Dragon Poetry)

  1. Michael Radcliffe

    Hi Jess,

    Thanks for this opportunity to see your work! Here is my blurb/review:

    “Piety is a wonderfully diverse collection of poems including both full length works as well as two sets of dragon themed haikus. While ‘Autumn’ and ‘Dragons of Ice’ in particular evoked vivid imagery for me, I found ‘Death Dragoness’ to be quite moving.”


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