Poet Interview, Nigel Wooten

Interview #53, with poet, Nigel “Black King” Wooten!

Describe yourself in 5 words:


God driven, creative and intelligent.

Share a short excerpt and blurb of your work (10-100 words):


I believe God has given me a gift, and I use that gift to shed light on different parts of life. I use my poetry to try to educate, inspire and bring hope to my readers so that at the very least they can look at their situation in a different light.

“The Letter” (excerpt) By Nigel Wooten

Now out of your life worst night
Was born the love of your life
A miniature model of yourself
With a endless supply of love
To me that’s the meaning of wealth
And though the situation wasn’t norm
She is living proof
The there is a blessing in the storm

Share an excerpt of your favorite poet’s work (10-100 words):

“write to remain silent” (excerpt) by Scott Free

I Write… To remain silent
Because anything I say can and will be used against me in the court of my enemies…
The truth is not allowed and plus the odds are stacked against me…
And even though they know that I’m not guilty
They tell lies to try to convict me on some trumped up charges…
But regardless…
I write… To remain silent…
Because only God can judge me… but unfortunately
he’s not allowed in their court room neither… So either…
I write to remain silent… Or I’ma become violent…

Did reading a poem first spark the desire to write poetry, or was it an experience?:

It was both! I was in middle school when we first went over poetry in class. The assignment was to put together a book of poetry that consisted of all of the different styles of poetry that we had gone over. I loved it and that is where I started writing (I still have the book by the way). I wrote all through life up until I got married, had kids and joined the military. I had stopped because I never really had the time to write. A friend of mine introduced me to some poets who were putting on shows in Iraq on my last deployment. Just being in the company of these great poets, is what started me back writing after years of nothing.

Those unexpected moments make some of the best moments in life :) What goal do you seek through your poetry?

My goal is to educate, inspire, entertain and bring hope. There is a biblical undertone to most of my work, it is so because I have been a Christian all my life and have found that living by Godly principles does make for a better life.

In a dog-eat-dog rat race world, that’s good to know. Now, please share your #1 tip for poets/writers:

Be yourself. When you write do not try to mimic anyone else’s style or sound and do not try to write what you think people want to hear. Write your own story, write your own piece, in your own voice, in your own way. In the end you work will be better for it, and you will be respected more for it.

Well-said — that’s sound advice for anyone tempted to run with the herd. Your websites/blogs/etc:




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Much thanks to Nigel for stopping by!


In 2003, Nigel enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve as a Lance Corporal attending Recruit training at Parris Island, South Carolina and later drilling out of Wilmington, North Carolina. In 2004 Nigel married Kristal Sanders, the love on his life, to which he still married with two beautiful children, Kristal and Victory.

Nigel wrote with and for many of his friends all through his school career under the pen name of Black King. It was during his second tour in Iraq that Nigel discovered a love for performing live. Good friend and founder of the 3rd Eye Alumni “Scott Free” offered Nigel a spot in his Writer’s Block poetry show while in Baghdad Iraq performing for the service members and civilians stationed there.

His first book, Life in Literary Terms, is dedicated to all of the men and women of the armed services serving all over the world.

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  1. King! I’m proud of you brother! It was an honor a pleasure serving the people sharing the gift of poetry with you! Keep doing great things.

    Blessing and Pease!

    Scott Free
    3rd Eye Alumni
    “Committed to Excellence!”


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