Men in Heels



Kazaky (also known as The Boys In Heels) is an all-male Ukrainian dance group that appears in Madonna’s 2012 “Girl Gone Wild” video.

Sophisticated eroticism = one of my favorite things in life. Along with dance and lean/good-looking bodies/heels/androgynous fashion/stilettos/etc.

Reminds me of a quote in one of my books: “the human body is the best work of art” (Jess C Scott / 1: The Intern).


Recently completed a story with some “dance” elements too (Hit the Floor / part of the “seven heavenly virtues” Self anthology). No shirtless males in heels in Hit the Floor. Maybe in another one, next time ;) [I’ve featured “men in heels” in the short stories 4:Play and Switch]. Apart from wanting to “edit” the Self anthology at a faster pace, the editing is going more or less OK — 4/7 stories left to edit as of today.

Links to more info on Kazaky:

1. MuuMuse (a sassy, classy music blog)

2. @KazakyOfficial (Twitter)

3. Kazaky (Wikipedia)

Two videos below:

1. Video #1 (Kazaky performing at a fashion show — I can’t read the non-English text, d’oh…)

2. Video #2 (Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” video feat. Kazaky). Everybody’s smokin’!


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