Teacher Sex Scandals


Three quick updates on Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships (co-authored with Matt Posner):

1) Added a few more URL blog stops to the “Blog Tour” page.

2) We hit #1 in the “Sex Education” bestseller list on Amazon!
(#1 in Kindle eBooks > Issues > Sex Education | 15 June 2012)


The ever-diligent Matt Posner took a screenshot which can be viewed on Facebook.

3) Matt is an NYC teacher — he wrote an open letter to the New York City papers on the subject of “teacher sex scandals” a few weeks ago.

I’ll try submitting Matt’s letter to @PoliticalLetter. I do think the mainstream media has a tendency to focus on “sensationalism” (which means less coverage on decent, upright citizens who aren’t “sensational” enough).

Here’s an excerpt — you can view the full letter on his website.

Dear New York Post and New York Daily News:

It is with bitter disgust that I read the ongoing coverage of teacher sex scandals in the city newspapers this week. You see, I am a teacher — who does not have sex with students — and I think it is past time for the ethical majority of educators to be heard.

Setting aside the political reasons that the New York Post and the New York Daily News have for foregrounding these scandals, and my strong quarrel with their coverage of teachers and education in general, there still remains the fact that teachers should not have sex with students.

Contrary to how these stories may have it appear, we not only do not have sex with students, but we don’t approve of sex between teachers and students. . .

[view rest of letter on Matt’s website]

— By Matt Posner on May 31, 2012 at 8:10 AM


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