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* This post is part of a short series on Quality Erotica:

QUALITY EROTICA (aka “Jess’s Erotic Stash”)

PART 1: Introduction + Erotic Art Books
PART 2: Erotic Books (Non-Fiction)
PART 3: Erotic Poetry
PART 4: Erotic Books (Fiction)
PART 5: More on Love/Sex/Relationships



Jess’s erotic stash / “sex education”


After reading Fifty Shades of Grey (which was romance/fantasy), I thought of the (high-quality) erotic books I own because all of them gave me a really good grounding with regards to love/sex/relationships (in both fact and fiction).

In the above photo of my “erotic stash,” the first three books which introduced me to the world of erotic literature were:

(1) Edgar Allan Poe Anthology

(2) Anais Nin’s Little Birds

(3) D. H. Lawrence’s Lady Chatterley’s Lover

I got those three books when I was 16 years old (nothing prepared me for the deviant wonder of Anais Nin — LOL!). Poe isn’t exactly an erotic writer (in the “sexual” sense) though one of his love letters in the anthology really opened up my perspective on relationships.

These are high-quality erotic books (what “erotica” should ideally be about) which “deal openly and excitingly with sexuality as a part of human experience” (to quote my co-author on Teen Guide, Matt Posner). Wikipedia (erotic literature) is a good resource if you want to learn more about this type of literature, and find the classics.

I’ve always (1) had a high level of interest in sex, (2) found sexuality to be a fascinating subject matter, especially when it’s intense/raw/realistic/non-superficial.

The books in my stash showed me what “real sex” is all about [as compared to the type of sex that most of the “mass media propaganda” (to quote Dr. Alex Comfort of The Joy of Sex / Part II in this series) likes to sell to consumers].

It really made a difference because I learned (and continue to learn) a lot about the true scope of what love/life/sex is all about. I wasn’t aware of it, but I think this entire stash helped me to understand the importance of developing a happy and relaxed sexuality (another quote from Dr. Comfort in The Joy of Sex).

I hope you find some good reads here ;)

* * *

QUALITY EROTICA (aka “Jess’s Erotic Stash”)

For now I’ve divided my stash into five sections —

PART 1: Erotic Art Books
PART 2: Non-Fiction
PART 3: Poetry
PART 4: Fiction (Novels / Anthologies)
PART 5: More on Love/Sex/Relationships

[PART 1: Erotic Art Books]

kama_sutrakama sutrakama_sutra3

1. The Kama Sutra Illuminated: Erotic Art of India | Amazon.com

Blurb: Features 200+ artworks, accompanied by excerpts from the Sir Richard Burton translation of the original text. Long treasured as an uninhibited exaltation of erotic and mystical bliss, the Kama Sutra is a sublime gift for lovers — and lovers of beautiful art.


“Decency, reality, and love;
Personal views and public opinion–
One who knows the Kama Sutra sees through all such things,
And is not programmed by one’s appetites.”

(Kama Sutra 7.2.51)

It was from this book that I directly learned how the actual/ancient Kama Sutra was not a sex manual (as it’s taken to be in Westernized cultures), but as something psychological to enhance a person’s personal/spiritual life. P.S. It’s a HUGE book with very high-quality prints.

Links: Amazon.com | Kama Sutra Quotes

* * *


2. Erotica: An Illustrated Anthology of Sexual Art and Literature | Amazon.com

Blurb: This illustrated anthology presents a collection of the very best examples of sexual art and literature spanning two thousand years: from classical Rome and the ancient East to the novels of D. H. Lawrence and Henry Miller. Artworks from Aubrey Beardsley, Henry Fuseli, Gustav Klimt, Thomas Rowlandson, and many others are juxtaposed with literary pieces from such names as C. P. Cavafy, Frank Harris, John Cleland, Anais Nin, Boccaccio, Christina Rossetti, Oscar Wilde, and Casanova.


Sadly, following the liberalization of the laws governing the publication of sexual material, a great deal of second-rate, ugly and pernicious stuff has also become available. This was inevitable but it does not argue for suppression. Indeed, it makes it vital for good erotica to be published, so that we can see for ourselves the difference between the life-enhancing, and the sordid and destructive. . . (Introduction / Page 7)

Best parts of the book =

1) the blend/presentation of pieces of erotic art, alongside excerpts of the finest literary erotica in the history of publishing/the written word

2) the scope of the selected works (which span over 2000 years of both Eastern and Western cultures)

This book which combines erotic art and literature is definitely one of my favourites in the entire stash.

Link: Amazon.com

* * *


3. Icons of Erotic Art | Amazon.com

Blurb: This intimate, exquisitely produced collection offers provocative insights into what distinguishes the merely titillating from the masterful. Icons of Erotic Art brings together 150 sublime examples of this dynamic, covering nearly every major period on art history: ancient, Renaissance, and Rococo paintings; treasures from India, Japan, and China; Impressionist and Modernist masterpieces; even caricature, cartoons, and Pop Art. The result is a dazzling display of artistic eroticism and a new understanding of how its power transcends time and temperament.


For the statue’s 500th birthday in 2004 Michelangelo’s David underwent an eight-month cleaning process to remove years of pollution from the marble surface.


Image from Wikipedia

Working in daily proximity to this erotic icon, one of the restorers was overwhelmed by the experience. She was quoted in the press, saying: “I felt so much emotion when I found myself face-to-face with this giant. My heart was beating too fast. I had to call the doctor.” The ordinary viewer, gazing up at David’s 4.34 meters, cannot fail to be equally impressed, both by the heroic size and the vulnerability of David’s extraordinary body. (“The Voluptuous Male” / Page 18)

Gorgeous book and very informative.

Link: Amazon.com

* * *


4. Art Nouveau and the Erotic | Amazon.com

Blurb: The swirling sensuous forms of Art Nouveau are synonymous with the erotic. This concise, fully illustrated study shows how the idea of the erotic was given visual expression by artists and designers, creating in the process some of the most striking and representative works in the new style.


Art Nouveau designers created a style they deemed appropriate for a complex modern world. The style articulated widely held anxieties caused by opposing forces within society: nature versus technology, individual versus community, nationalism versus internationalism and — most significantly in the context of the erotic — the physical versus the spiritual. (Introduction / Page 8)

Don’t let the compact size of this book fool you ;)

Link: Amazon.com

* * *

mangayaoi mangayaoi_manga_2

5. Skyscrapers of Oz (Yaoi Manga) | Amazon.com

Blurb: From tailing your lover to walking your dog, no job is too small! Mari and his partner Yoichi are drop-dead gorgeous “Handymen.” But they also have a hidden (and dangerous) other side. Their latest job is, of all things, to sleep with Yu, a beautiful male student! But instead Mari finds himself rescuing Yu from an attack, then sheltering him in his own apartment!


Click on the second and third images above.

Yaoi also known as Boys’ Love, is a Japanese popular term for female-oriented fictional media that focus on homoerotic or homoromantic male relationships, usually created by female authors. I probably should “expand” my manga knowledge but that was an erotic one I got by chance that I enjoyed (very nice/cool drawings, especially if you find yaoi manga ‘sweet’).

Links: Amazon.com | Wikipedia (Yaoi)


QUALITY EROTICA (aka “Jess’s Erotic Stash”)

PART 1: Introduction + Erotic Art Books
PART 2: Erotic Books (Non-Fiction)
PART 3: Erotic Poetry
PART 4: Erotic Books (Fiction)
PART 5: More on Love/Sex/Relationships



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