Erotic and Non-Erotic Updates


Just a short note about My Inner Goddess (my recently completed Fifty Shades of Grey parody):

fifty shades

Cover Design by jessINK | Stock photo by dpaint

Short Summary:

When literature student Bell-Ana Steale goes to interview the dazzlingly rich/powerful/handsome Christiano Gaynaldo (i.e. “Big G”), she encounters an Edward Cullenesque obsessive lover who she instantly desires as Her Man.

Cool, cunning, and intelligently amusing, My Inner Goddess is a devious satire that explores how far we’re willing to go to answer the question: Can love really conquer all?


I inhale his sexy Christiano smell.

And he brings out that gray tie of his that he’s always wearing or has nearby…and wraps it around my neck.

Right now? my inner goddess manages to weakly mumble. Here? OK…

I watch as he pulls both ends of the tie–OMG!–tighter and tighter and tighter.

I flush. This is intense.

More Info:

Review Copies Available (eBook): Send me an email if you’d like to read/review My Inner Goddess ;) [missfeyATgmailDOTcom]

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The above is a promotional freebie eBook on “The Art of Erotic Writing” (where I talk about the themes and inspirations behind my works of erotic fiction.

‘Erotic fiction’ here refers to literature which deals openly and excitingly with sexuality as a part of human experience.

More Info:

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[1] I’ll be working on some genre series in 2013 to gain a wider readership. I’m looking forward to exploring deviant/taboo themes in the crime fiction vein (my type of erotic fiction will always be too complex to categorize neatly). I have some series outlined so it’s mostly a matter of sitting down and completing the project(s). While they won’t be in the “erotica” genre, I don’t intend to sanitize it too much either (I like things raw and realistic). I’ll certainly keep in mind the loyal readers/customers who’ve enjoyed my early work + provocative material ;)

[2] I’m about halfway through with editing The Darker Side of Life (elven trilogy book02).

[3] I’ve been invited to be on a couple of panels for Singapore Writers Festival 2012 (November ’12). More info soon (organizers are currently confirming the other authors involved).

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