Improving Eyesight Naturally


STICKY POST (as of Sept 2012)

AKA “My Eyesight Project”

Just a short post that I am going to be a bit slow with work for a while, as I slowly allow my eyes to adjust to doing close-range work without strain.

I was first fitted with glasses at 7.5 years old (and cried all the way home). My prescription then was -0.75 (myopia). My highest prescription was around -7.25 in 2006 (I have not been to an optician since; I buy my lower-powered glasses online).

I managed to get it down to -5.00 over a few years and am currently very close to -4.00 (for very far distances). I don’t wear glasses when I don’t need to as well.

For more info on improving eyesight naturally, you can check out my blog / follow my progress at

I was very quiet about that blog (in case it “didn’t work for me”), though I’ve been making some progress as of late and hope for more people to try it out too (whether they are myopic, or far-sighted, with astigmatism, etc.).

Relearning good eyesight habits is far more important to me than finishing “[insert project name] by [insert soonest deadline].” It is too much mental stress and I understand now (from experience) how that directly tends to cause / worsen vision problems.


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