Happy New Year (major baggage clearance)

Happy New Year (major baggage clearance)

My last post was sometime in October. A lot of stuff happened in November because I was in Singapore for a couple of writing events (yes, too busy to blog and/or be on social media “all the time,” LOL!).

The first event was part of Singapore Writers Festival 2012. I took part in a debate with five other people (so each member had around 5 minutes to speak).

08 Nov /2012
8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Pillow Fight – Women Write Better Sex than Men
Venue: Chamber, The Arts House
Moderator: Carolyn Camoens

Martin Amis fired the first salvo: He said women write better sex, In a debate that is best left to the experts, two teams put forth their case and try to smother their opponents in a Pillow Fight. What titillating evidence will the speakers present to boost their argument? What would Freud have said? Who will win this face-off?

With Cyril Wong, Grace Chia Krakovic, Jess C Scott, Kirpal Singh, Marc Nair and Sharon Ong.

(Note: Fringe programmes are suitable for SWF Festival Pass holders 21 years and above)

I am glad to say that the female team won (yay!), and the prize for each member of the winning team was a soft, satiny red pillow (good choice of gift). The guys did very well as they pretty much “winged it” (the female team sort of got together at the last minute to swap/compare notes and come up with some kind of structure as to who was going to say what, who’d be going first, etc etc).

Made some new friends and enjoyed checking out the semi-hidden small writers’ lounge at one of the pavillions (the last evening was a slightly tipsy one, but filled with good conversations and a flurry of name card swapping).

My second event was a dialogue session (so I had to speak for around 45-60 minutes). I was a bit nervous beforehand about the “time frame” — it felt really long, and I hate to bore people! — so I did a quick PowerPoint slide (for some not-too-distracting visuals in the background), and deliberately “talked very slowly” so as to procrastinate (and ended up having to speed up the last part of the talk so that we could do a little bit of a Q&A thing with the lovely members of the audience).

This event was at The Arts House for their New Word Order programme. I particularly liked the copy they came up with for promotional purposes:

JESS (guest speaker): Bold, fearless and always original, Jess C Scott blazes her own trail in the literary world. Writing in a variety of genres, including erotic fiction, urban fantasy and cyberpunk, Jess dares to bring to light some of our darkest fantasies. Join her for a no-holds-barred evening as she discusses the decision to self-publish, why she writes about such risqué topics and her infamous book, Wicked Lovely, that was banned on Amazon.

TANIA (moderator): This session of New Word Order was moderated by Tania De Rozario. Tania is an artist, writer and curator who has exhibited in Singapore and abroad. She is also the co-founder and curator of Eliquette, Singapore’s first ongoing arts event/collective focused on feminist issues.

Included two pictures below (I like these two in particular ^^):

writing event


Looking back on the year…2012 was a bit of a mess for me, but in a good sense.

I spent the first half dabbling around in a few different genres, as I was interested in doing something else other than “just” erotic fiction (where I was having some “issues” with some of my taboo-themed provocative “dangerous” eBooks being monitored/flagged in my Amazon KDP account).

I kind of slowed down in the middle of 2012 (around the time when Lisa Lip — the very nice/hip programme manager from The Arts House — contacted me about whether I’d be keen to take part in SWF: 2012 — I jumped at the chance, of course). I thought it was slightly ironic that I was going to be taking part in the fringe component (the SWF: Fringe focused on sexual literature), since it was the “thing” I was moving away from at the start of 2012.

I didn’t intend to not ever write erotic fiction again. But I was a bit tired/jaded (on the personal level). I have been frustrated for a long time (at intervals) between trying to find some kind of balance between casual sex versus a very real type of intimacy that is not at all easy to find.

So the writing events in November were a really nice “break” from the staleness I’d been experiencing for quite a while. I also made it a point to not “over-think” things and just slow down and enjoy life / interacting with others (it’s been a habit of mine to over-analyze things — I’m a Virgo Sun — I ANALYZE)…so I’m glad that November gifted me with a lot of “new things” on both the professional and personal level.

I’m not really one to gush about or broadcast details of my private life in public (astrologically-speaking, I have an active 8th house…), so perhaps I’ll let some of my work do the talking instead. Although I’ll always enjoy mixing fact and fiction so as to throw other people off track as to what truths are being veiled or revealed ;)

I’ll leave you with three recent comments/private messages to glean some information as to the outcome of my November trip. I don’t make up these reviews because I won’t get a kick out of faking things this way (the same reason why I don’t fake sexual pleasure — though that’s another thing for another time…):

“My pleasure to read these writings of yours. . .your ideas are really great! Is this about your love story? (just give me ideas about you).”
— Facebook private message, Nov 2012 (Mystery Person #1)

“Peace be upon you, Jess. You are so zheng ah (means “good” or “great” in Cantonese). Bought your short story Wicked Lovely and it’s in my Kindle Library. But the exams are nearing… hoping to read soon. You are so sweet. P.S. I wish you were my sister.”
— Private message, Dec 2012 (Mystery Person #2)

“…it’s one thing to learn about your woman’s past, and it’s quite another to be put right there. It was really good writing, Jess. I know because I had to run from it. I had to rush through the last ten pages [of Jack in the Box] like they were on fire, grasping the meaning and avoiding as many details that would put me there as I possibly could, feeling that the end couldn’t come soon enough. Details can be harsh! It was one hell of an experience. I love you regardless.”
— Private message, Dec 2012 (Mystery Person #3)

P.S. I’m currently working on some newer erotic fiction projects (now that my “stale sexual internal tension” is mercifully out of the way — hence the title of this post, “major baggage clearance”). They’re written in a slightly different style from my earlier work (my earlier work is more “high-brow”), so I might stick a sexy avatar on the covers of the newer pieces for some kind of differentiation (though they’ll all still be under the jessINK brand).

So I hope to enjoy being productive (work-wise) once again after getting a lot of baggage out of my system. That sexually stale feeling was really beginning to do me in so I’m eternally grateful to everyone/everything/action and circumstances that made some kind of difference to my situation :)

And to anyone reading this, best wishes for 2013 (success, good health, and all that — oh, and good tidings on the love/sex/relationships side too, of course).

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