Happiness and Healing



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One of my worst chronic long-time health issues was dealing with acne (pictures here!). I went the natural route in the end because I was fed up of many of the over-the-counter type products which cumulatively seemed to be making the problem worse.

I’ve had high myopia for quite some time too. I’m quite averse to Lasik as I’ve never been comfortable with any surgical instruments going anywhere near my eyes (OMG). My myopia has dropped about a couple of diopters and I hope/aim to keep up with the progress. I take my time with that one since it has a lot to do with mental relaxation (and my mind can be “constantly zipping around” sometimes…). I occasionally post some updates on my improving eyesight naturally blog.

I first got in touch with Simon from Planet Mercury Channel due to our common interest in astrology. Earlier in the year he posted an extensive blog post titled Healing My Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Mercury Poisoning and Other Symptoms Using Natural Treatments.

It took him a long time to write it, so I sat down and took my time reading the post. I highly recommend reading the post as it is a lucid as well as polite refusal against conventional medicine (with my Aries rising, I can be a bit more “blunt” at times if I’m really irritated by…whatever). I also like the personal touch in the blog post (that’s something we all need more of the more technology advances).

I particularly liked these two paragraphs in Simon’s blog post:

“Natural healing is a multi-dimensional process. In my experience, as my body is healing, it is (inevitably) shifting my psychological and emotional status as well. For instance, crying has been as much part of my regular (emotional) detox routine as taking supplements or exercising. Again, holistic healing takes into account all parts of an individual, not just the physical body.

Also, true healing takes enormous amount of research, diligence, patience, understanding, hard work, asking questions, reading books, watching videos, doing some more research, and then some more research, and then some more…which is why most people rather not take healing into their own hands — it’s a lot of work!”

I like natural treatments because they don’t mess with the body’s internal system. Over the years, I’ve noticed that my physical body felt sluggish and fatigued whenever I was stressed out about something. I didn’t sleep well for many years too because of various things on my mind. I’ve been making some changes since late last year and I do feel a lot better mentally/emotionally as well as physically.

This is going to sound really “Virgo” of me, but I am an organic person. I like keeping things natural because there is no forced compromise that way. In both my personal life and creative life, I like doing things according to how I feel (i.e. whatever feels good/natural).

There have been times in the past where I could be pretty stressed out and miserable over 101 things at any given time.

Nowadays I’m a bit more go-with-the-flow. I was that way as a young kid right up to tween days. It’s good to return to that state without having to “force” or make myself feel more Zen-like while sacrificing intensity/spontaneity of emotion (for example). To me all four areas are important: mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. And since I’m very sexual I suppose that element of me falls into all four areas too (which perhaps explains why I’m very intense sometimes…oh well). What I’m trying to say is that internal balance/peace is important to me.

As Simon concludes towards the end of his blog post: “Happiness and healing are art forms.”

The nice thing is that they’re art forms open to all of us :)

* * *

Thanks to Simon, I was informed that Dr. Joseph Mercola featured one of my quotes on his Facebook page recently:

“A fit, healthy body – that is the best fashion statement.”
– Jess C Scott, author

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