Introducing Screwpulp



P.S. That’s a nice logo, isn’t it? :)

Screwpulp is run by Richard Billings, who has this to say of his start-up publishing company:

“I want to change a broken industry. It’s been broken for a while. I’m not just someone trying to start a business to make money.”

I liked following the updates on Screwpulp’s Facebook page, so I decided to enroll a couple of my eBooks in their catalog. I thought my parodies were a good fit so I submitted those for consideration.

Here’s a bit more information for you to get a better idea of Screwpulp.

* * *

Mission Statement:

The glacial pace that the traditional publishing world moves is not beneficial to new authors or to readers. We believe we have a better way to move forward, a way that not only helps new authors, but a way that protects the readers as well.


Screwpulp believes in giving every author a voice. While we believe this wholeheartedly, we understand that some voices might be hard to listen to, or may even be insulting. Screwpulp is not responsible or liable for any author’s content. We do not endorse or condone any viewpoints contained within the works of an author’s book. If you find something offensive, don’t read it. The power is in your hands.

Recent Press:

Screwpulp won the Amazing Risk competition for first-time entrepreneurs, which earned the company $10,000 through Launch Memphis. It was also chosen to participate in Launch Memphis’ 48-Hour Launch last June and the 2013 Seed Hatchery.

* * *

Books are available for free download when they’re first up on the website (how the current system works). New features are being added all the time so signing up for newsletter/mail updates might be a good idea.

My eBook Literary Heroin: A Twilight Parody is on Screwpulp so you can go download a copy!

twilight parody

You can also check out Lit Hero on my website jessINK (which includes a link to Screwpulp).

These are Screwpulp’s URLs on the web:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Screwpulp’s Logo by Sleek Design:

Website | About


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