Interview, Marina E Partridge

* Interview #79, with Darkstar astrologer Marina E Partridge!

* Note from Jess: Marina is the fabulous UK astrologer at Darkstar Astrology. I am a big fan of her website, readings and blog posts — so I decided to send her a quick Q&A on career and life vision!

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Hi Marina! Describe yourself in 5 words:


Hermit, Studious, Outside-the-box, Fascinated, Paradoxical.

How did you get into studying astrology?

I have been fascinated by astrology all my life but only became a full time Astrologer in 2009. Before that I was an illustrator. I loved surrealism and reading symbols and always had a set of tarot cards on my kitchen table. In 2009 the triple conduction of Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron (The astrologer) on my natal Mars/Lilith conjunction turned me into an Astrologer full time. My approach is very eclectic, just like the Illustration I used to do, which was digital collage. I found astrology was a way of blending of the old and the new.

I am a huge fan of your very unique (and precise) Dark Moon Reading—I can only imagine the research involved for your future book on the Lilith archetype and Eris! Was there something about the asteroids that you were initially drawn towards?


“Black Moon Lilith” | Darkstar

That they show us how we are part of such great cycles. Our souls are infinite. Just when you think there is a limit, it is broken and we are into another dimension. The discovery of Eris has allowed archetypes that are relevant to our modern life to be added to the pantheon of gods. The TNO’s are a symptom of our expanding consciousness. The exiled, divine female has been yearned for, for such a long time. Eris is the missing archetype Persephone. In our charts we had no female outer planet until 2005. Transpersonal energy is enlightening and alchemic. The fact that the transpersonal has been in the hands of the male Gods until now is simply a reflection of humanity in the last 3000 or so years. Then Pluto was demoted and Ceres promoted. The rebalancing has started and in turn that has called for an planetary body to describe that process working in our everyday lives, hence Lilith.

Share a short excerpt and blurb of your work (10-100 words):

My technique for reading charts uses the tropical zodiac divided into decans. The fixed stars within those decans determine how the archetype of the zodiac sign is filtered out through the persona while the aspect patterns in one’s birth chart represent the geometry of the soul. I like to blend the ancient with the ultra – modern, like Chiron, the bridge between Saturn and Uranus. My stellium in Aquarius is futuristic like Uranus, but its ancient ruler is Saturn. I have Chiron opposite Uranus exact and it squares my AC by a degree.  The name of the site Darkstar itself an oxymoron. It describes my approach to astrology and life in general.

Share a few of your favorite quotes (10-100 words):

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.” ~ Og Mandino

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
~ Carl Jung
“If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.” ~ Isaac Newton
“Those who appear the most sanctified are the worst.” ~ Elizabeth I 

How would you describe the essential purpose of astrology?


[Image from Vedic Astrology]

Know thyself, Accept yourself, love yourself. Astrology gives you all the tools you need to be the sovereign of your own life.

Please share your #1 tip for aspiring students of astrology:

Stand on the shoulders of giants. Then test out the techniques out for yourself.

Please share your #1 tip for aspiring astrologers:

Same as the above. Empirical research is essential. Don’t be afraid to break the rules. You must have a clear reason why you have done so however, and be able to prove your alternative system works through rigorous testing and examples.

Your websites/blogs/etc:

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Much thanks to the insightful and elegant/sassy Marina E Partridge for taking the time to share her thoughts and advice.

Be sure to check out her full bio and audio readings on Darkstar Astrology!

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