Yoga and Breathing, Basic Guide


By Guest Blogger Marcela De Vivo, from Los Angeles

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Yoga has been around for centuries, allowing people an outlet to calm their minds and release stress through meditation. Although the exact date that yoga started is unclear, the common understanding is that it began in the East, most likely in India. The earliest known signs of yoga can be found in ancient Shamanism. Artifacts from as early as 3000 B.C. show yoga postures, giving somewhat of a background for when it actually began.

While the earliest forms of yoga were not very focused on poses, it was more of a way to view and understand the world. Through meditation, it then shifted to have a more self-focused goal. People used yoga as a means of self-enlightenment.

Yoga as we know it today has evolved and changed dozens of ways over the years. Today, some still see it as a means of self-enlightenment, while others use yoga as a way to stretch and strengthen their body. Whether the focus is on meditation, poses, or a mixture of the two, yoga is popular around the world as a way to release stress and promote calmness. The health benefits of yoga cannot be ignored, including benefiting from lower blood pressure and better bone density. From ancient yoga to the modern yoga of today, it has been used to transform your body, inside and out. Take a look at this meditation infographic, provided by Skin Energizer, to begin improving your overall well-being today. This gives you a basic guide on how to breathe properly as well as how to achieve the ideal meditative pose. Get happy!


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Guest Blogger Bio:


Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer, hard-working business owner and yoga enthusiast in Southern California. With such a busy schedule, it is important that she maintains some kind of balance in her life. In addition to yoga, she has also built a sauna in her own bathroom for extreme relaxation. Follow her on Pinterest and Twitter to find other tips like these.

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