Balanced, Compassionate and Optimistic Post

Came across this post by socio-political blogger Carlton Tan, who blogs at Asian Correspondent.

I felt it was a balanced, compassionate and optimistic blog post (hence the title of this post). I’ve plucked out a few excerpts which reflect the tone and spirit of the post.

You can check out the original article here.

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Excerpts from With Lee Kuan Yew on life support, what’s next for him and for Singapore? by Carlton Tan:

Lee Kuan Yew
Lee Kuan Yew. Pic: AP.

1) It is no surprise that so controversial a figure should evoke such strong emotions in us. I, too, find myself conflicted. Do I love or hate the man who has brought us such great prosperity but so little liberty?

2) And indeed many of us are drawn, not to his ideology—for he swears by none, save pragmatism—but to his determined, or some might say, cantankerous personality. At the same time, we would do well to remember that Singapore’s success was never the consequence of one man’s actions, not even someone as exceptional as Lee Kuan Yew.

3) Pragmatism does not have to be our guiding principle. Wealth need not be pursued at the cost of liberty or equality. And we need not give opposition parties a free pass simply because they enjoy the good fortune of not being the PAP.

4) We will mourn his passing, and we will celebrate his life; but most importantly, I hope we will be willing to honour him by asking tough questions, making hard choices, and imagining a different Singapore.

Reference: With Lee Kuan Yew on life support, what’s next for him and for Singapore?

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