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I have been reading Singapore-related news on and off, due to my “schedule” for the past few months.

Today I spent some time browsing through 17 year-old Ariffin Sha’s blog posts, which I found well-written, thorough, engaging, and accompanied by good visuals.

It is certainly nice to see younger people with a cognitive interest in socio-political topics.

Here are some of his blog/FB post excerpts — I look forward to future updates! Best wishes to Ariffin with his legal studies too.

* * *

Quotes/Excerpts by ARIFFIN SHA (socio-political blogger)

1) “I still remember learning in the first chapter of my Propaganda Social Studies textbook that one of our Government’s virtue is Meritocracy. Which means that one will progress based on talent and ability instead of wealth. Well, I used to believe in that too until I graduated. Allow me to illustrate to you why Meritocracy in our Education System is nothing but a joke.”
(– Singapore’s Education System is all about the Money)

2) “But what the Mainstream Media (MSM) doesn’t realize is that their efforts of censoring the truth are becoming increasingly futile. Most people I know, get their news from multiple sources of information. All these efforts to hide the truth are simply making them look foolish. The truth can’t never be hidden for long. Dear, MSM, we are no longer your Sheeple!”
(– Mainstream Media: We are not your Sheeple!) / great pictures on this post)

3) From a speech/protest at Hong Lim Park in pictures:


4) “Our former Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong once warned the writer Catherine Lim that she ought ‘to join a political party if  she wanted to air political views in public.’ I disagree, we don’t have to be members of Political Parties to be able to air our views and comment on Politics.

I may be too young to vote, but no one is ever too young to make a difference. Students in Singapore are stereotyped to be ‘politically apathetic,’ but a quick look back in history would easily explode that myth.”
(– Youth of Singapore: It’s time to Rise)

5) “Another two Primary School students got air-time and they asked PM Lee about his favourite superhero and being a Prime Minister. At this point of time, I was quite pissed. I don’t know if PM Lee or CNA thought that answering trivial questions from kids would improve the ‘image’ of PM Lee or something, but this definitely did not go down well with those who tuned in looking for hard questions and solid answers from PM Lee. What we got instead were trivial questions and PM Lee talking about Batman, Superman, Tarzan and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (No really, he did speak at length about all four superheros.)”
(– #ASKPMLEE – Comedy Show or a Q&A with our Prime Minister?)

6) “Apart from biased news coverage, the mainstream media has also been found in multiple occasions to have published false reports and engage in character assassinations of opposition figures. . .With incidents like these, it’s no wonder we’re consistently ranked near bottom in press freedom.”
(– The embarrassing state of our mainstream media)

7) “Many of us may only remember [Elizabeth Choy] as a War heroine, but she also made history by being the first Singaporean woman to be elected to the Legislative Council in 1951. She served for a full five-year term. As a member of the Legislative Council, she even represented Singapore at the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in June 1953.”
(– Elizabeth Choy – Singapore’s War Heroine, Politician and Teacher)

8) “I believe there was a climate of fear in Singapore, and I don’t blame [Singaporeans]. Dissent was clearly not tolerated. Times have changed now. With the internet it’s hard to control.”
(– BBC: Singapore at 50: From swamp to skyscrapers)

* * *


ARIFFIN SHA is a 17 year-old Singaporean socio-political blogger, who’s currently reading Law at the University of London.

Ariffin Sha Online: WebsiteFacebook | Twitter | Instagram

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