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Update / September 2021: RIP, Chris Ho! Dearly missed by your fans.

Chris Ho is a DJ, music critic, and pop culture personality in Singapore. He goes by the name X’ Ho as a singer.

The first piece of his writing that I came across was a 2013 blog post on Hushed Fascism.

I started following Chris Ho’s Facebook profile shortly before the STOMP incident.

About that incident he wrote:

I only seek to lend ‘balance’ to [The Straits Times’] devout daily justifications for Singapore’s credence. All-good-no-bad doesn’t work as well in today’s Internet Revolution, though you must do everything for bread-&-butter master; yes, I know.
(– 14 April 2014)

I have always enjoyed his passionate, witty and insightful updates via Facebook. It takes a certain level of intelligence and writing talent to consistently come up with updates like that, so I highly recommend following his Facebook profile for a genuine commentary on Singapore’s socio-political situation.

As with my previous post, this post will get too long if I chronicle every single one of his updates, so I will feature a few that I particularly enjoyed.

* * *


1. Is Minister Josephine Teo Really Up to the Mark?

“If you ask me, it’s not just an issue of whether she is up to scratch as an MP. As a member of the PAP-Govt, she has been coming up with one outrageous public statement after another TO GET US TALKING, IF NOT DISTRACTED – perhaps the most alarming of which is “It is not the job of the Govt to love Singaporeans”.

If the question is whether she is ‘up to the mark’, I’d say – yes, she is certainly right up to it in representing Singapore’s PAP-Govt as a SHAMELESSLY BRAZEN government in this current era of the noisy Internet. But it’s a mark with a very scary consequence.”


Screenshot via TR Emeritus.

2. Singapore’s Education System

Yes, this is in tandem with the national arts agenda to ‘humanize’ LKY-digits who are better known as Singaporeans. However, it’s also a transparently subtle way of admitting that our education system has been screwed all these years.”


3. Year of the Goat

If Singaporeans can’t even tell hushed-fascism from authoritarian-democracy, you expect them to know a goat from a sheep? Hahahahahahaha.


4. ST highlight of the PM-conversation

“Tell me if this ST highlight of the PM-conversation (he had on FB yesterday) doesn’t make Singaporeans sound like simpleton-kids! Maybe lay Singaporeans have to be simpletons to get to hover around him. . .It’s called nation-building, kids!”


5. 5 million people, 70,000 cleaners… that’s ridiculous!

“This is exactly the kind of offensive juvenile PAP propaganda that’s been insulting our intelligence for decades with its unintended transparency while using it to backhandedly reprimand us at the same time. Of course, back then, we couldn’t say a thing and the ‘silence’ was taken as tacit agreement.”


6. God kept me awake to catch this before it was removed!!!!!!

“The photo you see here in this post is NOT a link (to the SG News), it is my screen-grab. They have already taken out the quotes (“Town Councils are not a public service”, “Town Councils fulfill a political purpose”) from the MAIN report (they can’t change the link-header is all). My guess is even this news link will be told to be removed in no time. Hence, the quick SCREEN-GRAB here for ETERNITY (download it here, it’s not illegal anyway to do so). #iObserve #iReallyLook


7. Rewriting History

“Wah, this is bloody EVIL! So now, it has become the ‘new generation wanting to rewrite history’ to make sense of the society we live in!!! How twisted is that!”


8. Hushed Fascism, Singapore-Style

“Singaporeans may have been well muted before but the Internet has already changed much to crack open even ‘mouthless fish’.



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[Photo from FB]

CHRIS HO is a singer/musician/author/underground filmmaker/music fan/DJ.

Chris Ho Online: Facebook | Photo Album | Website | Music | DJ Profile

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  1. I’ve met the man numerous times during music events I’ve organized and that my friend organizes too.

    The man is truly a passionate artist who displays humility like no other.


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