#FreeAmosYee / Support


This is the first time I’ve taken a photo of myself in support of something. I guess hitting the ‘like’ button on Facebook posts or status updates wasn’t really enough this time around.

For more information, please read the following:

1) Roy Ngerng: Keep sending your photos to me, by today! You can send them to me on Facebook or email me at royngerng@gmail.com. I will be compiling the photos into a video before Amos’s judgment is passed on Tuesday. Thank you! ‪#‎FreeAmosYee‬ (Facebook)

2) Singapore Recalcitrant: The Supreme Fighting-Spirit of Amos Yee (Blog / Former ISD Director)

There’s still some time left to contribute a pic of support, so go ahead if you’re considering it!

amos yee

* * *

UPDATE (12 May 2015): Here’s the update on Amos, and the video of support.


* * *

UPDATE (13 May 2015): Another update re: Amos and the mainstream media, and the allegation of molest.

Great points made by Ariffin Sha, Ravi Philemon, Martyn See, Teo Soh Lung, Roy, Jen, and a reader. Be wise, AY!

* * *

UPDATE (16 May 2015): Amos Yee on Vincent Law being “Immensely Creepy.”

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