Political Memes

I’m working on some family tree posts (with my “research buddy” team) and will upload once everything has been triple checked. In the meantime, here’s another visual oriented post regarding funny Singapore political memes I saved over the years.

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This is my 99th Singapore related post on this blog…one more to go to šŸ’Æ.

1. “Dishonourable Son”

Image from Mediacock

Here’s a nicely put together image of the Lee siblings by Mediacock, following one of the Harry PotterĀ movie posters.

While the graphic is lighthearted, the Lee family feud revealed many SERIOUS statements reflecting Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Wei Ling’s thoughts about their PM brother.

In 2017, Dr Lee Wei Ling called Hsien Loong a “dishonourable son” for going against their father’s wishes as soon as LKY was gone.

In 2019, Dr Lee shared that demolishing the house “had always been [LKY’s] unwavering wish,” and that LKY granted her the right to live in the house as long as she wished.

For more information, see:

2. Ho Ching’s Salary


The Alternative View has tons of funny memes and images in the photo albums.

Singaporean, Philip Ang, did some calculations on his blog to estimate Ho Chingā€™s salary. He wrote that a conservative estimate would be Ho earning approximately $300,000 a day.

How much does she really earn? Time may tell…

3. PAP Leaders

Image from buro247.sg

A photo of PAP leaders averting eye contact.

To be honest, I probably wouldn’t know where to look if I was asked about meritocracy and my potential family connections.

4. PAP: Laughing Stock

Laughing Stock image by Isaac Loh.

A nicely done image by Isaac Loh on chicken / beef stock cubes versus PAP laughing stock cubes. Note the inclusion of the words “real incompetence” alongside the tweet about a train service power fault šŸ¤£

5. Crazy Rich Salaries

Crazy Rich Asians Poster.
Crazy Rich Salaries. Artwork by Stellina Chen.

This hilarious illustration by Stellina Chen takes inspiration from the official poster for the “Crazy Rich Asians” movie set in Singapore.

The illustration accompanied an article onĀ The News LensĀ on the “crazy rich salaries” of Singapore ministers.

6. Lee Family Siblings

Image from Under the Angsana Tree
Image by Mediacock

Mediacock has a bunch of nicely Photoshopped images. This one features the Lee siblings once more.

I like how Lee Hsien Yang’s wife’s (Lee Suet-Fern) hair takes centre stage in that GuardiansĀ poster (note how “Marvel” was changed to “Marfun” /Ā ma fanĀ  / éŗ»ēƒ¦ meaning “troublesome” — LOL).

Lee Suet Fern also happens to be an accomplished, award-winning quilter. Here’s a pic of her beautiful artwork!

7. Lee Hsien Loong: Slammed at 3:00 AM


Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang slammed Lee Hsien Loong at 3AM (while he was asleep), as reflected in this image that is based on the ‘300’ Spartan film.

8. Korean Drama Show


From Mediacock: On the Oxley Road dispute not “being a Korean drama show.”

9. MRT Signalling Faults


This one takes its inspiration from the poster for the Korean zombie apocalypse film, Train to Busan.

I watched Train to Busan on Netflix as it appeared to be a sleek production.

It was — and I don’t want to give out spoilers to people who haven’t watched it yet. But oh man, the ending! I did not really foresee it ending on that note and I guess I went to bed that day a little sadder than usual.

Speaking of MRTs, they didn’t break down often when my sister and I were growing up in Singapore. I have some good memories of Singapore then and am glad I had those years to enjoy when it wasn’t super crowded yet like it is today.

I guess living in the US has made me a bit spoiled in terms of space and geography. I’ve lived in Maine and Florida where there are still vast expanses of land and nature. I have always felt close to nature and enjoy supporting animal or environmental charities through donations or occasional volunteer work.

Recently I saw a YouTube video about Changi Jewel.Ā Yes, the waterfall at Jewel is impressive.

Changi Jewel Indoor Waterfall | Image from HighSnobiety

But somehow a man-made waterfall just isn’t the same as a natural one.

A man-made waterfall makes you stand in awe of an architectural accomplishment, while a natural wonder makes you feel humbled by Mother Nature.

10. What Race is Halimah Yacob?


Unfortunately, I don’t know who created this image. But it’s still rip-roaringly funny.

Back in 2017, Halimah Yacob was essentially “selected, not elected” as the rules made it such that she was the only eligible candidate. The election was open to Malay candidates only. Questions about racial purity were brought up when people pointed out that Halimah was half-Indian.

The image takes things further and shows how her race could become Chinese or Eurasian, based on a name change and some ethnically associated cosmetic updates.