Sketch Art

If you would like to support my blogging endeavours, you may do so through buying one of my sketches.

Selection of sketches by Jess, 2003 to 2019+


MAILING TIME: Sketch will be mailed to your home address in 4 weeks

SIZE: On paper approx. 9 x 6 inches (22cm x 15cm)


You can purchase a SINGAPORE BIRD or LANDSCAPE sketch.

After your payment, I will email you at your PayPal address to ask a few more questions (bird species; city or nature landscape; etc.)



I’ve never had a “donate” button or ads on this site for the following reasons:

  • I like having this blog available to netizens who’d like to expand their consciousness or improve their critical thinking skills. After decades of PAP brainwashing, the least I can do is curate important facts for people interested in learning more.
  • I understand that advertisers can be in a tough spot when it comes to niche alternative sites, which was something I didn’t really want to deal with. And online ads are sometimes distracting.

However, blogging can be very time-consuming.

  • Posts like the family trees with big graphics can take upwards of 10-15 hours to complete. Smaller ones can take several hours too due to the fact-checking (!!) and editing involved.

Now you can understand why I went on a blogging hiatus for a few years after 2015 :P

For full disclosure, this blog is mostly a one-woman team in terms of the actual posting. I have help from Very Industrious and Observant Readers who send me material, but it still takes time to put things together. As for work, I’m a content writer/editor for a great podcast company.

If you’ve gotten some value from this blog, getting an original sketch is a personal way to contribute to keeping this blog running.

My specialty is in drawing birds and landscapes. I’d love to start doing some Singapore sketches!

I can’t promise you a technical masterpiece (I work as a writer and sketching/drawing is one of my leisure activities). But I can promise a soulful eye for detail with your sketch.

— Jess.