Singapore: Political History


* Thanks to the online media sector for featuring some of these posts (TR Emeritus, TOC, Free Malaysia Today, etc.).

An archive of my blog posts on Singapore’s political history.

CONTENTS: Family Trees | Intro | LKY | Blog Posts | Academic Articles | SG Profiles | Book Reviews

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1. All in the FamiLee
2. Mrs. Goh Chok Tong and Mrs. LKY
3. Teo Chee Hean – Related to LHL
4. Tony Tan – Related to LHL
5. National Heritage Board (PAP Relatives)
6. Kwa Family Tree + “The Dragon Lady” (Mrs. LKY / Kwa Geok Choo)
7. PAP: Royal Bloodline (Combined Family Tree)
8. Powerful Siblings in SG (a popular post!)
9. Former and Current MP’s
10. Ministers’ Wives: Rich or Corrupt?
11. Ministers and Spouses
12. PAP: Other Relatives
13. LKY’s Relations to Opium Trade + Burmese History
14. Chan Chun Sing: Related?
15. PAP Government and Scholars
16. PAP Government and PROPERTY

II. Introduction

1. Thoughts on Socio-Political Blogging (personal post; 2014)
2. Reflections on Writing and The Past Year (personal post; 2015)
3. Importance of History
4. Singapore (Fascist or Democratic?) (poll + infographic)
5. Overcoming Fear

III. Lee Kuan Yew

1. Lee Kuan Yew – Quotes
2. LKY (1923 – 2015)
3. Separating Myths from Reality (objective history)
4. Lee Kuan Yew: On Ministers’ Salaries
5. Lee Kuan Yew: On CPF
6. Chris Ho on LKY

IV. Singapore Society/Politics

1. Singapore’s Education System – The Truth Behind The Myth
2. Singapore’s Democracy – The Truth Behind The Myth
3. a) Yoong Siew Wah – Former ISD Director (Quotes, Part 1)
3. b) Yoong Siew Wah – Former ISD Director (Quotes, Part 2)
4. Nassim Jade Scandal
5. Singapore: Academic Freedom?
6. The Importance of Preserving Cultural Heritage (many photos)
7. NLB: Censorship and Intellectual Freedom
8. The Flag as a National Symbol
9. To Singapore, With Love (banned film)
10. In Conversation: Catherine Lim and Marina Mahathir
11. Caning in Singapore
12. The Oath of Office (Next GE and Beyond)
13. (Censored–Sort Of) Singapore Crime Fiction
14. Balanced, Compassionate and Optimistic Post (by Carlton Tan)
15. List of Detainees
16. As One United People (Part 1: Situation)
17. As One United People (Part 2: Solution)
18. a) Amos Yee’s Speech (full transcript)
18. b) #FreeAmosYee (campaign / support)
18. c) Political Abuse of Psychiatry (Amos Yee)
19. Dr. Hong Lysa – Operation Coldstore
20. PAP: Fascist Dictatorship (1963)
21. Did K Shanmugam Make An Illegal Party Political Film? (by Martyn See)
22. LHL: World’s Highest Paid Minister (by Martyn See)
23. PAP: 7 Deadly Sins (semi-satirical)
24. Responsibility and Accountability (Mt. Kinabalu)
25. Bukit Brown Cemetery
26. The Over-Hyped National Day Rally (by Mr. Yoong)
27. Elitism Quotes (by PAP Ministers, etc.)
28. PAP Internet Brigade (IB)
29. Offshore Banking / Money Laundering
30. National Heritage Board
31. Catherine Lim’s “A Great Affective Divide”
32. Ngiam Tong Dow (Quotes)
33. SG Constitution / Civil Rights / Rule of Law
34. Singapore Press Holdings (SPH)
35. Singapore’s Legal System
36. Defamation / “Character Assassination”

V. Academic Journals / Articles (excerpts)

1. Dr. Catherine Lim
2. Dr. Chee Soon Juan
3. John Harding
4. Devan Nair
5. Prof. Geoff Wade
6. Dr. Hong Lysa
7. Alex Au
8. Dr. Michael Barr (on Marxist Conspiracy; on Democracy)
9. Prof. Tey Tsun Hang (on Scandalising the Judiciary)
10. Dr. Thum Ping Tjin (Operation Coldstore)
11. Dr. Kenneth Paul Tan (on Meritocracy; Catherine Lim)
12. The Politics of Judicial Institutions in Singapore (Francis Seow)
13. The Main Cause of Singapore’s Brain Drain
14. The Psychology of Military Incompetence

VI. Repository (Historical articles/documents)

1. Personal Collection: Singapore Repository
2. SG History Blogs: Function 8 | That We May Dream Again | Hong Lysa
3. SG History / Government Photos

VII. Singapore Profiles

VIII. Book Reviews (will try to improve my reading speed…)

1. The Ruling Elite of Singapore (by Michael D. Barr)
2. Once a Jolly Hangman (by Alan Shadrake)
3. Beyond Suspicion? The Singapore Judiciary (by Francis T. Seow)
4. Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore (by T.J.S. George | Review + Excerpts + Snippet)
5. Democratically Speaking (by Chee Soon Juan)
6. Dare to Change (by Chee Soon Juan | Review + Excerpts)
7. Hard Choices: Challenging the Singapore Consensus (by NUS Press)
8. To Catch a Tartar (by Francis T. Seow)
9. Beyond the Blue Gate (by Teo Soh Lung)
10. Singapore the Ultimate Island [Lee Kuan Yew’s Untold Story] (by T. S. Selvan)
11. The Media Enthralled (by Francis T. Seow)
12. Tiger & the Trojan Horse (by Dennis Bloodworth)
13. A Nation Cheated (by Chee Soon Juan)
14. Dissident Voices (by Clement Mesenas)
15. Singapore’s Authoritarian Capitalism (by Christopher Lingle)
16. Rule of Law / Cambridge Studies (by Jothie Rajah)
17. Lee Kuan Yew: The Beliefs Behind the Man (by Michael D. Barr)
18. Lee Kuan Yew: The Man and His Ideas (1998)
19. A Sensation of Independence: A Political Biography of David Marshall (by Chan Heng Chee)
20. From Third World to First (by LKY)
21. No Man Is an Island (by James Minchin)
22. The 1963 Operation Coldstore (Commemorating 50 Years)
23. Legal Consensus (by Tey Tsun Hang)
24. Democracy, Media and Law in Malaysia and Singapore (by Routledge)
25. S. Rajaratnam: The Prophetic and the Political (by Chan Heng Chee; Obaid Ul Haq)
26. Freedom from the Press (by Cherian George)
27. Priest in Geylang (by Fr. Guillaume Arotcarena)
28. Escape from Paradise (by John Harding, May Chu Harding)
29. Contentious Journalism (by Cherian George)
30. Escape From The Lion’s Paw (edited by Teo Soh Lung, Low Yit Leng)
31. Teacher Thinker Rebel Why? (edited by Jaslyn Goh)

Singapore Riverbank

This image is copyrighted and used with permission.
By Marvin Chew | Vice-President of Singapore Watercolour Society

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