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I thought I’d write a short blog post on my general interest in dark themes and “the taboo.”

(1) I’ve been an astrology enthusiast since mid-2006, when I first found out I had a Pisces Moon.


8th House | Mystic Medusa

In mid-2012, I found out (c/o astro.com and Darkstar) I have Venus conjunct Pluto in Scorpio 8th House (under whole signs — under default system, those two planets are right at the end of my 7th House).

I have been a little hesitant to share certain aspects of my astrological chart in the past in public. However, over the years, I’ve noticed I wouldn’t have realized those aspects of myself had it not been for others who had written about their own planetary placements (whether on their blogs/websites/social media spaces, or during face-to-face conversations).

My Lilith Gemini and Pisces Moon have contacts with that Venus Scorpio of mine, so I suppose it does come out in the form of “writing about taboo subjects.”

As the wise and intuitive Marina from Darkstar mentioned, life is generally smoother when we’re living out our astrological charts naturally.

(2) There’s another thing that’s always on my mind when it comes to the subject of consensual sexual relations between siblings (i.e. consensual incest, which didn’t initially strike me as something EXTREMELY taboo or “forbidden by society” until I got into some trouble with the subject matter).

I don’t have a brother, so I have wondered in the past about my intense interest between the romantic/sexual love that can be shared between a brother and sister.

It might have something to do with the following anecdote (true story). According to my mother and her doctor while she was expecting me, I might have had a twin but the embryo never developed beyond the very earliest stages of embryogenesis. I am convinced the embryo might have been male and that I might very well have “absorbed” the male genes (as a result of “killing off” the other twin).

A vanishing twin, also known as fetal resorption, is a fetus in a multi-gestation pregnancy which dies in utero and is then partially or completely reabsorbed by the twin. (from Wiki)

I mean, that would explain why I am indeed particularly drawn to brother-sister twincest (which, incidentally, is also a subject popular enough to have a #Twincest hashtag on twitter).

The 8th house is about sex, death and the occult, and in the modern world, everything associated with the 8th house is taboo (tribe.net). That second link also notes that:

The 8th House is VERY important, because it reminds us that “the health of the visible depends upon the health of the invisible force field that surrounds it.” (Caroline Casey)

So I guess a lot of my writing is very 8th house influenced :P

There’s always something about sex/love/death/murders/power/money/mystery…that kind of thing.

siblings incest

Project #2 of 2013 that I worked on was Bro Sis Diaries (of the “erotic love” genre — a collection of short stories featuring “consenting siblings indulging in the sexual love they share and desire”).


Project #3 of 2013 is The Wilde Trilogy, a psychological thriller about evil twins (a brother sister serial killing team) — my current work-in-progress.

(3) Some rambles: I decided to try working in the psych thriller genre since it is more mainstream than “taboo contemporary fiction with erotic elements.” I do have a goal to attract a wider readership and I thought this might be a good way to go about things (so I need not feel like I’m totally “selling out” to be “more commercial” — I like having a balance between art and commerce/business). I also like the twists and turns that the genre allows for, along with the psychological dimension.

I’m taking a rather non-explicit route with The Wilde Trilogy. There’ll still be “sexual tension” between the siblings, and this is part of the story in terms of their growing propensity for murder/criminal activity in the books.

I’m about 10,000 words into the first book. Have an outline which I’m following. Later on, I’ll be doing the Survival Trilogy (which features a female serial killer and the #RomanceKills murder project). I have the draft covers on jessINK and will upload the summary and synopses relatively soon. I have the plot roughly structured in my mind, though the third book for that series needs a bit of work (not too sure about that one’s plot yet).

So that’s my blog post about 8th house astrology, and my interest in sex/love/taboo themes/death/murders/suicide/homicide/psychology/obsession/power/money/mystery/intrigue/intensity/intimacy/etc.

P.S. I’d love to hear from you if these topics interest you too, or if you’re a fellow 8th house person :)


PayPal Censorship


* UPDATE (2012): PayPal revises their policies to allow legal fiction.

* UPDATE (2013): A quick post on why “erotica” isn’t “porn”!

In the meantime, I’ll be working on a couple of psycho thrillers.

My original post from early 2011 is left below (unedited).

* * *

ORIGINAL POST (March 2011)

In December 2010, Amazon started banning/deleting incest-themed erotica from their website. Several of my erotic stories/collections are thus not on Amazon.

In February 2011, some of the “sample buttons” on my books at B&N went missing (some are still missing, as of this date). Several other authors were hit (especially those writing erotica/erotic romance) — while many of their books’ sample buttons have re-appeared, several of my books are still missing the sample button. No reply from B&N yet There was/is a technical glitch at B&N, which they are currently working on.

I recently launched my “indie publishing division,” jessINK.com (thinking I could sell material directly from my website, via E-Junkie).

On 7 March 2011, I wanted to buy the following item from Etsy.com:

(Item = Vintage dark style red collar necklace with dangling star charm with red enamel on the back. Pretty, no?)

But I couldn’t purchase the item at checkout, because I had “limited access” to my PayPal account.

When I logged into my PayPal account, I saw the following message:


Mar 5, 2011: We recently asked you to stop participating in transactions that violated our Acceptable Use Policy.

(Your case ID for this reason is PP-001-231-349-997.)

I don’t recall being asked, as I received no prior email or warning about how exactly I had violated the guidelines.

This is what I can and cannot do with a limited access PayPal account:


Due to the limited access of my PayPal account, I am currently unable to receive money via PayPal, or make any purchases using my PayPal account.

After some clicking around, I got to the “PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy” page, which states:


(e) items that are considered obscene, are not allowed (highlighted in red)

After more clicking around, I found the guidelines for what is not allowed on eBay (which utilizes PayPal for transactions):


“Obscene materials, while not easy to define, aren’t allowed on eBay. For some guidance, we prohibit items depicting or describing bestiality, necrophilia, rape, scat, and incest (real or fictionalized).”

Isn’t the splattering of blood and guts via stylized explosions also obscene, whether real or fictionalized? Also, according to the above guidelines, Anais Nin’s books (classic literary erotica) should not be available for purchase on eBay. For the record, her books (I’m a huge fan!) are available for purchase on both Amazon and eBay, and her books do contain pedophilic, incestuous, as well as other deviant types of erotic content.

Since I have not had a reply from PayPal as to whether their eBay policy extends to PayPal as well (since they are two separate companies — eBay actually owns PayPal, thanks @kashicat), I believe my incest-themed material that I sell directly from my website is considered by PayPal (as with Amazon) to be “supremely offensive.”

To my knowledge, I am not doing anything illegal (if it is, indeed, a criminal offence to write about taboo subjects, why is this not clearly stated in the law? How do people know if they are “breaking the law” if the law is not clearly stated in the first place?).

I have always chosen to focus on erotica over pornography (I always aim to include some kind of artistic, or social/political point, when I write erotic fiction). What is “obscene” and “sexually explicit” can vary from culture to culture and over time. But as long as companies’ policies remain vague and unclear, there’s no distinction between erotica and pornography when it comes to censorship.

I am currently “evaluating other options,” as I still fully intend to continue writing whatever I wish (for both erotic and non-erotic material). Erotica/erotic fiction is an art form I take very seriously, so I will seriously do my best to make sure it is always available for readers/customers to purchase (in the meantime, I apologize that customers cannot purchase directly from my website. Keywords = “in the meantime”).

What I actually condone and/or do in real life is separate from what I put on paper and/or express via the written word — a distinction that some people seem to have a lot of trouble making, lol.

P.S. Just bought the vintage red collar (yeaaaah), using a friend’s account.


Email Links and More Info:

Email: aupviolations@paypal.com (PayPal re: Acceptable Use Policy)

* PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy
* eBay’s Prohibited and Restricted Items rules

Email: ecr@amazon.com (Amazon.com, Executive Customer Relations)

* Amazon Censors (Facebook Page with more info)


+ Media Coverage on Censorship of Erotica by Erik Sherman on BNET +


Yaoi Bondage


* Update (25 Feb 2011): I’m one third of the way through with Catholic School Girls Rule (3rd story in my AFF/Asian Factual Fiction collection). I’ll still try to complete Primal Scream by June 2011 — BDSM is a subject “close to my heart,” and I don’t want to mess things up by rushing the project :).

* * *

jack in the box

Jack in the Box is currently around 17,000 words (I initially guessed it’d finish off around 12,500 words). This one’s a blend of erotic/factual fiction.

I jumped over to this short story, because my second BDSM-themed story was getting kinda cliched — I put that one aside to “think” about it a bit more, and I think the temporary break from it was a good move (that one is likely to be titled Switch).

Excerpt from Jack in the Box:

She felt the cold blast from the sterile air conditioning on her bare arms and thighs, as she ambled down the center of the shopping complex’s ground floor. The scene was a swirl of candy bright lights — the Victoria’s Secret fuchsia signboard, signboards which lured one to purchase “confidence,” or “sexual appeal,” or whatever it was that was being advertised — the fluorescent lights in each store, contrasting with the shiny, black-tiled walls and eye-catching speckled marble tiles on the ground.

One could lick the floor — the tiles were spotless, clean like the fake air she was breathing in, like the atoms and cells in her that were decaying in stale neglect.

I’ll try to finish it by today/tomorrow. I’ve got about 2-3 scenes left to handle.

yaoi bondage

from Togainu no Chi (will read this later)

I have been and will continue to “ponder” on the above image, for one of the four remaining BDSM short stories I’ve to complete. I’m quite determined to maintain a level of subtle (or not so subtle) realism in the collection, though I like to be “entertained” with what I read too, so I’ll do my best to maintain a balance (between entertaining fiction, and something a bit more profound/serious/etc). I enjoy navigating the psychological/emotional aspects of sex and sexuality, and this collection is no exception.

Incest was/is a little bit more “straight-forward” for me to handle [since there’s basically ONE main taboo aspect for that subject (the aspect about blood ties/family relations)]. BDSM has a lot more components, and I was initially trying to smash as many elements of BDSM as possible into each story. Then I took a step back and decided to take my usual approach (focusing on characters + storyline), though I will of course filter everything through a BDSM “lens” to keep in line with the theme.

There’ll probably be some gay or bromance or “brotherly love” (or maybe all combined) appearing in one of the stories (#3…can’t remember what I titled that one. Rockstar, if I’m not wrong).

I’ll possibly bore readers who are seeking pornographic material. But then again, I usually take the erotica > porn route. I think there’s the pornographic / media portrayal kind of BDSM (with the fetish wear, equipment, etc), which is alright, and there’s also the power play + dynamics that go beneath the surface.

As a person/sexual being, it’s the latter that engages me more.

I’ll still try to finish Primal Scream (tentative title for full anthology) by June 2011 (was actually aiming to finish bdsm stories by end of Feb 2011 / not going to happen!).

Full Anthology = Incest + BDSM + Interracial Material = Fun.

I thought it’d be more economical/convenient to pack everything into one “deviant” anthology (for final full print + eBook editions).

P.S. Great song, “Dead Flowers” (original version by The Rolling Stones, but I like this version by Townes Van Zandt too). Great lyrics :P!

2011 Rough Timetable


(in no particular order)

1. Have a booklist / downloadable PDF catalogue of my books/products (I’ve had some blog visitors typing “jess c scott booklist” — I think that would, indeed, be convenient)

2. Set up jessINK (I’ll get to this, after some new material is complete)

3. Try out LSI (Lightning Source) — late 2011, or later (I loathe the whole ISBN thing)

4. Continue doing original work (troublesome as this can be)

5. Get one super-banned erotic short novel out (image #2, below)

6. Stay on schedule (I have at least 20 individual projects to get to — think I’ll just stay focused and clear them one by one, instead of attempting to “multi-task”)

7. Organize dragon novella notes (image #1, below)

dragon_story_outlineincest_outlines // Notes! Outlines!

jessINK publishing


* UPDATE (2013): A quick post on why “erotica” isn’t “porn” (and how you can help)!

My original post from early 2011 is left below (unedited).

* * *

ORIGINAL POST (January 2011)


Update (31 Jan 2011) — Test screenshot for jessINK (above image)!

* * *

website sketch

Some rough planning/sketches for jessINK, a “main store”/website I’d like to work on in Jan 2011, since Amazon has banned some of my books.

* Jan 2011: Affected parties include Jess C Scott, Selena Kitt, Esmeralda Greene, and Olympia Press. The issue is being tracked on Facebook (Amazon Censors). Amazon has since progressed to banning books with “rape” in the title, while still maintaining their commitment to getting as many books into the Kindle store as possible (LA Times article).

* * *

I’m a little (just a bit — worse things have happened in life, LOL) bummed that I’ll have to “re-adjust” some of my plans, since my deviant material was quite well ranked and well set-up in the Amazon store. I was (and still am) planning an incest short story collection, but will sell it on jessINK because that way, at least it’ll still be available from me, straight (since webhosting companies allow for graphic porn vids/pictures, I am assuming they’ll not “ban/lock” my website for “questionable content”…though I’d better probably just check beforehand, and get something in black-and-white via email!).

I like to work fast and efficiently, so being slowed down a little is always something that will irritate/annoy me. But no use looking at things you can’t change — better to focus on the solutions than the problems (to quote “The Donald”/Donald J. Trump).

I’ll probably write an article over on jessINK (once it’s up) on the content in SOME of my work featuring underage sex and incest, etc (not sure about bestiality, etc — haven’t done those yet, but I might, if I feel like it some time). I grew up in Singapore, so while I am aware of differing international laws, I am  familiar/comfortable with (Singapore’s law) of  the “age of consent” being 16 years old (and that’s an interesting story all on its own — can blog/write an article on that later too).

Part of the reason I don’t want to blog my thoughts (in depth, with excerpts from my work) on those topics yet is out of caution (points to the “Report as spam” / “Report as mature” button on the WordPress navigation bar). I don’t know if such an article on WordPress.com would be considered evil/illegal/immoral/unethical/obscene based on a random person’s “opinion,” so I think I’ll just save myself the trouble and have everything on jessINK next year.

I do not condone pedophilia (12 years old and lower, to set an age), because that is an exploitative nature of pedophilia (taking advantage of a minor that is unable to truly give consent, due to the innocence factor of children). Did I still enjoy Lolita? Of course! Did it make me squirm in disdain at times? Of course! That’s part of its appeal for me — navigating through Humbert Humbert’s “twisted mind.”

I have a half-done short story with an incubus and a sixteen-year-old. Is he just exploiting her due to her age? Partly (but the incubus is not wholly human, so technically, Hell’s laws would apply more to him than Earth’s/A certain society’s laws). Are they having mindless sex? Certainly not.

People who rant about me ranting about “underage sex” tell me that I should “change the story and change the characters’ ages” (then accuse me of not taking their advice, all in the same breath, before I’ve even had a chance to read their reply, LOL), and while that’s an option, I’d already have done that if I felt it’d be to the characters’ benefits (to be 18 or above).

Humans are sexual beings. A person doesn’t just turn 18 and magically earn the right to be a sexual being. I remember my teenage years being quite sex-crazed (to summarize — and there is such a thing as “fantasy” vs. “what one does in real life” — I’ve always had an interest in sexual subjects…).

Some of the things I write are in a very non-mainstream, non-conformist way (thought I strive for the elements of honesty and relatability, as much as possible). This is where indie publishing comes in for me, because I am free to write whatever I want, however I want. And maybe, someone, somewhere, will find something (in one of my projects) that resonates with them.

You will see on many erotica publisher’s websites that “incest” is one of the big no-no’s on their guidelines. But rape is okay. I am not going to bother dissecting the logic behind consensual incestuous adult sex being not okay, and rape being okay, because I don’t think logic is what’s behind it.

Some people are very quick to assume that all erotica/erotic fiction is pornographic (with no value, other than to “arouse sexually”). Which is why they’ll always keep missing out on one of the most (if not the most) powerful forces in human life, which is human sexuality. Sexual repression can, will, and does channel into other areas, such as violence, aggression, oppression, homophobia, etc. Oppressing/repressing/suppressing something doesn’t make it go away, though I understand suppression can be done out of either fear, or displeasure at really facing an issue head-on to “deal with it.”

Sex/uality is an area I intend to continue exploring, wandering around in, and pondering about, via writing. It’s how I deal with it.

And sexual repression/suppression, to me, is dysfunctional.

Which actually kind of explains…a lot.

P.S. I will mention here (just for clarification) that I don’t mean to offend all Christian/religious/conservative people with my “sexual open-mindedness” — I was born Catholic, so I have a good idea of the Church’s teachings (maybe not right down to the exact Bible passages, but in general). Not everyone likes to read about sex or graphic material and there’s nothing wrong with that. But oppressing deviant/controversial material deemed to be “immoral” (because “[the person] says so”) is something I’ll fight. If you read the “born Catholic” link, it also explains where I’d like to try to go with my brand of (NON-explicit!) Christian Fiction. I’ve had blog visitors who’ve typed in “Christian fiction erotica” — who knows. Despite my intentions, perhaps what I come up with will still not be “clean” enough (even if I try…one way to find out).

P.P.S. These are the links that explain the creation and development of jessINK. First link was a thread started by yours truly.

Original Post on Amazon: Deletion of Books / Violation of Guidelines

Amazon Censorship of erotic titles (article at TeleRead)

Amazon in the Book Banning Business

Can free speech survive Amazon’s monopoly? #amazoncensors

The Register UK: Amazon’s Erratic Policy on Specialist Smut

Amazon’s Systematic Moral Attack (by Valerie Gray)

America’s Prudish Literary Morality (Salon.com Article)

Wicked Lovely, Jess C Scott



A short story where a brother and sister look to themselves, and not society, to make sense of the sexual love they share.

SUMMARY: Ed has been (guiltily) attracted to “Goddess Julie” for as long as he can remember — but moves out once he finishes high school. Unexpectedly, Julie discovers she has similar sentiments…

Wicked Lovely features in the short story collection, 4:Play.

* Note #1 (Dec 2010): Banned on Amazon! Can be purchased at Smashwords, and B&N, at the moment. You can read more about Amazon’s censorship via the articles at TeleRead and The Register UK.

* Note #2 (Feb 2011): Check out Wicked Lovely on jessINK [Jess’s indie publishing division ;)].

* * *

Cover ‘Bouquet of Roses’ Photo by: D Sharon Pruitt

Media Mentions:
Review @ It’s Basement Time
Interview with Christine Kirchoff
Interview @ Kindle Author
Q&A on Incest

* Wicked Lovely sells 12 copies on first day with zero marketing/advertising/media mentions — July 11, 2010

* WL hits #3,019 Paid in Kindle Store (overall) — September 5, 2010
* WL hits #691 Paid in Kindle Store (UK) — September 8, 2010

* WL enters the Amazon Kindle bestseller lists
#27 in Kindle Books > Fiction > Short Stories — August 19, 2010
#90 in Kindle Books > Fiction > Erotica — August 19, 2010
#37 in Kindle Books > Social Sciences — August 29, 2010
#56 in Books > Literature & Fiction > Short Stories — August 29, 2010
# 4 in Kindle Books > Social Sciences (Kindle UK) — September 8, 2010
#42 in Books > Bargain Books (30 days in Top 100) — October 10, 2010

Praise and Reviews:

“The fact that they were brother and sister is overshadowed by their sheer desire to be with one another, that that other person is the only person for them. That made the story for me.” — Review @ It’s Basement Time

“…the first kiss was really sweet…that was my favorite part.”
– e-mail from a reader

“[I liked writing] Wicked Lovely because it demanded the most amount of realism, along with a very precise amount of sensitivity.”
– excerpt from author Q&A


» More Info on Wicked Lovely @ jessINK (2011).