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Hello Readers,

A temporary break from political topics, as I’ve been working on a new blog/website¬†and would like to ask you the following question:

What are your biggest frustrations with work?

I’m conducting research about astrology and how it can help people achieve their professional goals. I’m looking to get at least 100 responses. The survey takes less than 3 minutes to complete.

I’m happy to share the results once I’ve collected the numbers needed.

A free mini astrology reading is included as a gift :)

Click on this TypeForm link or the image below to begin the survey. Thank you!

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Reflections on Writing and The Past Year


* Note: Slightly Rambling Blog Post *

Hello Readers,

I’ve not written a personal blog post in quite some time, but thought I’d write one to share some thoughts I’ve had with writing/publishing/blogging and my other interests.

2014 was the first year I spent more time reading and writing non-fiction. This happened as I continued noticing a gradual (and sometimes, not-so-gradual) decline in eBook sales.

My heart has never been in commercial fiction, and it probably never will be. For that reason, I am unlikely to continue eBooks publishing as a business (because as a business, it’s commercial forces one has to consistently observe and adapt to). I have some other personal reasons for no longer having the drive for writing fiction as I used to several years ago when I first ventured into digital publishing.

Towards the end of last year, I had a very strong need to switch directions entirely in terms of profession. I’ve listed some of the things I’ve been / am involved with on my page. It’s a refreshing change and I’m grateful for the new work experiences. I like doing things that have some level of originality/innovation/analysis, and I felt indie publishing was not the right place for me anymore.


‘Reflection’ photo by Arthur Davison, used under a CC License.

I should add that I almost gave up my interest in socio-political blogging for the sake of a close friendship/relationship (let’s just say that my views were “very divergent” from the other person’s). Regardless of the topic, my personal belief is that people who respect each other would be able to sort out their differences. At the end of the day, I concur with activist Brooke Axtell, who said during the 2015 Grammys:

“Authentic love does not devalue another human being.”
(– activist Brooke Axtell)

To me, a friendship/relationship isn’t worth it if either person feels no guilt/shame/remorse in belittling or disparaging the other person, because they disagree with the other’s views and sentiments. (Perhaps this is partly due to the “Venus Scorpio” in me that highly values self-respect and mutual respect.)

I guess quitting self-publishing (or “turning my professional attention elsewhere” for the time-being) gave me an additional sense of closure to that whole chapter in my life. It just felt like everything had reached a dead-end and that it was time for me to try something new, on both the personal and professional level.

That being said, I’ll always like writing, so you’ll see some of my copyediting material online this year along with socio-political blogging book reviews when I can get down to it (once my current schedule has settled in a little bit more). Writing socio-political blog posts helped me access an “analytical” side of my mind I hadn’t really accessed before, which is why I’m keen to continue those independent/unsponsored blog posts.

I’m thankful for the readers/customers I’ve had and heard from over the years, particularly the readers of my earlier erotic material. I guess that’s a part of my life I’m leaving behind too, in a way (since my early erotic fiction was largely due to my own sexual neuroses!).

I appreciate others’ appreciation of my writing — somehow it feels like that will be something which will inspire me with future projects I get up to. It gives me a sense of comfort/satisfaction to know that my efforts were not completely wasted on meaningless things, since I like to focus on one thing at a time and give my all to it if I’m passionate about something.

I guess my main website (jessINK) may “morph” over the next few years, to reflect my personal interests and projects I’m involved with along the way. I initially branded myself as an “author/artist/non-conformist,” a label I’ve since updated to “writer/blogger/analyst” (the practical Virgo in me loves anything of an “analytical” nature…).

Side Note: It is also this practical Virgo in me that keeps me from enjoying the label/lifestyle of “starving artist” (a label my¬†artistic Pisces moon doesn’t quite mind)…I guess I have a rough idea re: career path (I do best with something that combines creative and analytical skills).

Have you had a similar experience where you just felt you needed to drop (almost) everything and try/do something new? Send me a note via email! (I’m keeping the comments ‘off’ on this post in the spirit of intimacy/privacy.)

Stay happy and healthy in the meantime.

— Jess.

Christian Fiction, Motivation (Part II)



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Christian Fiction, Motivation (PART II)


I had two “very interesting” emails this week (positive feedback from two guys). One was with regards to my deviant material, while the other was with regards to my writing perspective(s).

I’ve pasted the email below:

Email #2: Correspondence with reader:

Dear Jess!

By occasion I came to read some of your writings, which came to me as a fresh and original way of thinking/approach. I for myself belong many years to the Lord Jesus, whom I not only confess, but also experience that He really loves me, speaks to me, and even dwells in me. That’s Great Reality! But I am convinced, that each human can get this comparable relationship too.

The reason of my writings to you is, that already many years ago, I received a Word of the Lord in my mind, which is remarkably accurate with your vision of books. First I have to share with you, that in that time I was more or less enslaved in reading thrillers, which cost me much time.

Then on a certain Sunday morning during the visit of the church meeting, the following words came to me. (I will translate in English)


The meaning of this statement, came almost immediately: you are using as food the undigested thoughts of ungodly people!

So when I returned to my house, I shared my decision to my wife:

Stop reading this kind of books, which I now call pulp.

Remarkable was also that I received the power to act so with almost no problem and became free! Started to spend more time in searching the Lord, by praying, reading bible studies and books about the way of living of people, who were also searching to THE TRUTH, which is HE — JESUS in fact!

Now I am reading and studying from the life and works of the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth, which became a blessing for me, so that I can enlarge [my life experiences].

I really hope you can use some of this material I feel I had to share to you — also for the benefit of others.

Cordially Yours,
A Male Reader

As I mentioned in my old blog post, I’ve been (quietly) thinking of writing Christian fiction for some time (for some reason, quite a few of the readers/customers I’ve heard from are religious/spiritual individuals).

It will be less explicit than my deviant work of course, but I would like to try to present some of the underlying themes via a Christian lens (where Christian values can be mixed with a fresh/original approach via the story).

I can relate to the salvation that Christians seek and the inner conflicts involved, so I’ve been interested to try to work something out that is, as the writer of the above email says: (1) for the benefit of others, and (2) for people searching to The Truth (via the Christian concept).

I have a few ideas as to what I’d like to do (maybe in the later half of 2012 — wanna finish the Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy first), but I’ll need a bit more time to think about it (so that the writing does not come across as too boring, too preachy, or unintentionally offensive — I’d like to balance “positive Christian values” with “realistic post-modern issues”).

The drive/motivation/inspiration is very similar to my erotic (not p0rn0graphic) material — just less graphic and with a Christian slant that I believe the target audience will appreciate.

I’m not really bothered by the fact that I can be both deviant and morally inclined at the same time. It keeps boredom at bay and is part of my artistic/personal development.

I also feel better when I keep others in mind. It’s something I’m happier and more fulfilled to focus on, versus how much I’ll make/earn with this or that venture.

Work = Life, so I don’t want to waste my time on shallow values (spoken like a true Virgo!).

I recently viewed a Facebook friend’s profile where he wrote that he’s “here to share the searches, researches, and discoveries [he’s] encountering through [his] existence(s).”

I told him I thought that was excellent! Self-discovery is the best ^^.


P.S. One person I admire a lot is James Cameron (!!!).

james cameron

There’s a long interview with him at the American Academy of Achievement (he was inducted in 1998), but I read through the entire interview and here’s an excerpt:

“There’s a tremendous temptation to do a work-around, or to do a moral or ethical work-around or a short cut in a lot of situations, because it’s easier and it’s just — you’re so needy to get those little breaks and so on. And I think a lot of people get sort of ethically short-circuited at that stage and they never recover, you know? Because I think a lot of people would say, “Well, you know, I’ll do what I have to do now, but then later I’ll be good.” It doesn’t work that way. You are who you are.”
(– James Cameron Interview / Master Filmmaker)

I’ve been tempted several times to take “short cuts” in several situations, though I’ve so far held back from doing so.

Doing honest work can be both a blessing and a curse — depending on how one looks at it.


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Third (Away) Notice


away notice

I tend to post (Away) or (Busy) notices now and then (2010’s was here; 2009’s was here).

I’ll still be posting blog interviews (as and when they come in), though I’ll mostly be focusing on completing my project featuring cyberpunk elves.

I was in a bit of a fix with the outline of the third book — I know the cyberpunk genre tends to be heavily “dystopian” in nature. However, I still believe that real life is miserable and hopeless enough, so I’ll be aiming for a semi-happy ending with the trilogy [while it won’t be a SUPER sugary “everyone lives happily ever after” fairytale ending, it won’t end like Repo Men or 1984 either (I LOVE 1984 by the way — I just want a different kind of ending for the project I’m working on, tee-hee)].

I’ll be quietly/intensely tweaking this project as I’d like this one to:

  1. set the standard for, and
  2. lead the direction of jessINK’s mainstream/commercial department ^^

I’ll continue to do alternative work, but later (I need to build up my brand’s strength across different areas — I want to build something that lasts).

In the meantime, I added some freebies on my website. My short story, Skins, will be in the upcoming BsB Anthology 3 — will mention that anthology on my social media accounts once it’s out.

P.S. Postcards still available too!

animal skinsbdsm masklove

(Left to Right):
Skins (animal lovers)
The Gift (sweet erotic/romantic short story)
Real Love Vs. Romance (essays on commercialism)

* * *

jess c scott

Listed at a very nice website, The Indie View. Hope to be interviewed there sometime (currently waiting for the Q&A).

Added a campaigns/causes page to jessINK also.

* * *


Here’s a sneak peek at The Darker Side of Life (thanks to Curse of the Bibliophile for hosting me).

* * *

sleeping cat

Sleeping cat (she sleeps double than I do, and I get/need eight hours on average).

* * *

OK, take care all — I’ll be watching the snow (wintertime / Maine) + fixing the drafts for Book02 and Book03 of The Cyberpunk Elven Trilogy.

I won’t be on my social media accounts very much (once I’ve delved DEEP into completing the remaining parts of the project).

If you need anything just email me at